Onchain fiat infrastructure for builders and businesses


Transfer regular money directly between offchain banks and web3 easily and instantly. All onchain fiat minted through Monerium is fully authorized, fully regulated, and fully backed.


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Fast, flexible onchain payments that meet the needs of modern finance


Onchain fiat - available anywhere, anytime

Turbocharge your payments with the EURe, the first onchain euro, designed to power fast, cheap, and global payments.

The EURe is fully authorized and regulated; now available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis, transferable cross-chain.


Instant transfers between bank accounts and web3 wallets

Receive a web3 IBAN and start sending and receiving euros between any [offchain] bank account and [onchain] web3 wallet.

The EURe is issued as an ERC20 token, so you can manage your funds using most popular web3 wallets.

Monerium API

Developer-friendly toolkits for custom payment solutions

Monerium’s API lets you automate low cost, cross-border payment flows.

From account management services to global payrolls, design your own low-cost payment systems with built-in fiat on-off-ramps.

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Secure and scalable payments that exceed industry standards

Institutional Compliance

Monerium is an authorized and regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI) compliant with EU e-money and the Market in Crypto-Asset regulations.

Enjoy legal clarity and security for users’ funds within the European Economic Area.

Overcollateralized Assets

Each EURe token is backed by over 100% in high-quality liquid assets safeguarded in segregated accounts

Transact in secure and instantly redeemable onchain fiat.

Zero-Risk Sandbox Mode

Monerium’s money-as-a-service platform empowers developers to innovate and integrate financial solutions into their own onchain services.

Test your solutions before real-world deployment via Monerium’s advanced APIs and sandbox environment.

Send and receive euro anywhere, anytime


Your web3 IBAN makes sending and receiving euros onchain fast, simple, and inexpensive. Say goodbye to ramps and exchanges and say hello to real-time, borderless transactions.

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Euros sent to your Web3 IBAN are automatically converted into EURe tokens onchain.


Bypass standard banking hours and fees by transferring EURe directly to other users onchain.


Want to cash out? EURe sent from your wallet are automatically deposited as euros in your chosen bank account.


Integrate the euro seamlessly into any web3 application using EURe tokens.


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