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Financial Services of the Future

At Monerium, we believe that money should be accessible, secure and simple to transact. That is why we are bringing regulated fiat currency to the blockchain, where everything of value will be stored and transacted.

What we offer

As a licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), Monerium enables businesses to build digital financial services on a decentralized infrastructure using the fiat currency of their choice. You can focus on your core business while our blockchain contracts handle the instructions, clearing and settlements
- always ensuring regulatory compliance.

Customize your Solutions

Our white-label application and API work behind the scenes allowing you to customize your customer experience to match your design. Your customers' requests are executed in near real time.

Trusted by innovators

“ConsenSys is dedicated to supporting companies building the infrastructure needed for a more decentralized and self-sovereign future. Monerium’s work in tokenizing currencies across Europe is an exciting endeavor we’re glad to be a part of.”
“At Tradeshift, we’re all about challenging the status quo and bringing forth the future of B2B finance. We took a big step forward by working with Monerium to settle the world’s first invoice on the blockchain using smart contracts and licensed digital cash.”

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Frictionless cross-border payments in national currencies without going through intermediaries.

Modern tech stack

Our e-money-as-a-service platform has advanced RESTful API at your service.

Speed & Flexibility

Our decentralized solutions allow you to be in control with minimal integration and reduced time to market.

Fully licensed

We take care of the regulatory burden, so you can focus on creating the best possible product.

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What is e-money?

e-Money is the closest proxy to central bank digital cash that consumers and non-financials can access, supervised and redeemable on demand

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World’s First Invoice settled using e-money

Monerium, the world’s first and only authorized provider of licensed e-money for blockchains, and Tradeshift, the leader in supply chain payments and marketplaces, announce the successful completion of a transaction that marks a major step forward in business payments and finance.

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The benefits of e-money and blockchains

At Monerium, we are mindful of the social context in which we operate. We believe that responsible capitalism should not only create value for direct stakeholders but also positive externalities for society.

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Why Monerium e-money is unlike Facebook’s Libra cryptocur...

It’s been a busy summer at Monerium. While Facebook was talking about their proposed cryptocurrency and blockchain linked to a basket of fiat currencies, Monerium was issuing fully licensed fiat-denominated e-money on an established blockchain, Ethereum.

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