LATEST: Monerium has received a license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Iceland to issue e-money on blockchains.

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Monerium provides digital cash for your platform

What we offer

Programmable fiat money on blockchains, an indispensable building block for the nascent blockchain economy, in the form of e-money.

What is e-money?

E-money is the closest proxy to central bank money that consumers and non-financials can access, supervised and redeemable on demand

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The Future of Money Conference in Stockholm

Monerium co-founder Jon Helgi Egilsson spoke at the “The Future of Money — Central Bank Digital Currency and Beyond” conference on June 15, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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E-money: the digital alternative to cash

Founded in 2015, the Monerium team backgrounds include central banking, finance and cloud services, financial regulation & compliance, and cryptocurrency. However different, we share the belief that the global financial system requires rebuilding, and that blockchains, e-money, and cryptocurrency play a foundational role in making finance more efficient and reliable.

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Old shocks cast long shadows over the exchange rate

We propose a new exchange rate model using interest rate differential (IRD) time series as the input, and we fit the new model with empirical data for calibration. We assume that exchange rate modeling cannot be based on the response to a single shock but must instead be based on the response to a series of shocks, as previous shocks could still be playing out and affecting the overall response.

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We are Blockchain Agnostic

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“ConsenSys is dedicated to supporting companies building the infrastructure needed for a more decentralized and self-sovereign future. Monerium’s work in tokenizing currencies across Europe is an exciting endeavor we’re glad to be a part of.”

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Blockchains and the future of financial services

Technology overview, financial markets relevance, market trends and a likely future endgame.


Minting Money with

The cover article in the September 2016 issue of Proceedings of the IEEE


Old shocks cast long shadows over the exchange rate

A new exchange rate model published in the Journal of Applied Economics April 2019


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