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Monerium IBAN

Seamlessly collect and send euros between blockchains and banks without going through exchanges

Send money to anyone, at anytime, in seconds.

Real time delivery vs. payments with no intermediaries.

We have only a few more seats available in the early bird group so make sure you secure your place in line.

The future of settlement is here

With tokenised money and assets such as securities or crypto on the same ledger, blockchains can conduct real-time delivery-vs-payment with automated actions, leading to clearing- and settlement as well as corporate actions handled completely by the technology itself.

Build powerful applications

For the innovators, product builders, and other curious minds we’ve opened up our money-as-a-service platform with advanced RESTful APIs at your service.

Play around with our money in a safe environment to understand how this fits into your platform.

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Monerium and LCX partner to introduce tokenized EUR to cr...

Monerium is excited to introduce a partnership with LCX, a leading blockchain innovator based in Liechtenstein. Together, Monerium and LCX will leverage each other’s legal and technology infrastructure to expand their respective businesses and provide new and enhanced services.

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Money meets borrowing and lending on blockchains

Monerium is pleased to announce we have partnered with Alkemi Network, they enable CeFi institutions to use DeFi with KYC / AML verified access to deep liquidity and reporting via their borrowing and lending protocol, Earn.

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Money meets micro-economies on blockchain

Monerium will be placing regulated fiat money on Fuse’s low fee, high throughput blockchain in order to offer micro-economies a payment solution that is scalable, frictionless and cost-effective.

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