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Money belongs on blockchains


Send and receive money any day, anytime 24/7.


Distance does not matter, all transactions are borderless just like sending an email.


No intermediaries. Peer to peer transactions mean reduced cost and friction.

Get an IBAN for your wallet

Monerium helps businesses move euros between their bank accounts and their blockchain wallets.

We create a unique bank account number for the wallet in your name.
Send and receive money to and from bank accounts worldwide just as you would at a normal bank.
The IBAN is connected to SEPA instant payment. It is the perfect option for any online or trading business, pay-in and pay-out solutions.
You can now send and receive funds within 9.9 seconds even on holidays.


Monerium EMI is an electronic money institution, a European regulated entity that is licensed to operate in the EEA and UK.


e-money has been recognised in the EEA and the UK as a digital alternative to cash since 2000.


e-money is 1:1 backed in high-quality liquid assets and is unconditionally redeemable on demand.

Why e-money instead of stable coins

"To drive mainstream adoption to blockchains and your platform, you need money that lives under a known regulatory regime."

- Tradeshift co-founder Gert Sylvest

See what Tradeshift, the world's largest B2B network, has done with self-settled digitised invoices and Monerium e-money tokens on Ethereum

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Try the Monerium sandbox

And add our money to your platform

For the innovators, product builders, and other curious minds we've opened up a sandboxed version of our system.

Play around with our money in a safe environment to understand how this fits into your platform.

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The future of financial crime fighting with Human AI on b...

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Lucinity, a pioneer in combining human experience and judgement with advanced machine learning algorithms to mitigate the risk of money laundering. At Monerium we are committed to fostering a more transparent and efficient financial system by helping our customers conduct their business ethically and in compliance with the law, without implications from bad money.

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The euro on Algorand

Our mission at Monerium is to make money smarter, so that it can be exchanged fast, with minimal friction, and without intermediaries. We also think it’s important that our e-money is accessible on all major blockchain platforms. That is why we are excited to announce that we will be offering the euro on the Algorand blockchain in Q1 2021.

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The digital euro already exists and the ECB should back it

Earlier this month, the European Central Bank (ECB) issued a report to examine the “possible issuance of a digital euro”. There is no need to. The European Union, along with Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and the UK, already has a framework for digital currency: e-money.

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