Financial information


Monerium EMI ehf. is registered in Iceland, ID number 571110-0240.

Monerium EMI ehf. is authorized and regulated as an Electronic Money Institution under the Icelandic Electronic Money Act No. 17/2013 which implements the European Directive 2009/110/EC on the taking up, pursuit and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions.

Monerium EMI ehf. is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of the Central Bank of Iceland.

Financial statements

As an authorized Electronic Money Institution, we undergo annual audits and submit our accounts by the end of March each year to our supervisor.

Our latest accounts can be found at the Icelandic Business Registry. The amount of electronic money (e-money) issued to our customers and the matching value of the assets safeguarded on their behalf are listed on the balance sheet.

E-money is safeguarded in segregated assets and must be protected by at least 2% of e-money issued in Tier 1 equity but never less than €350,000.-. Read more about e-money here.

We received our license to issue e-money in 2019. The e-money issued and assets safeguarded reported in our semi-annual and annual audited statements are listed below.

Year E-money issued Safeguarded assets
2019 €1,063 €1,063
2020 €171,722 €171,722
2021 €1,156,368 €1,156,368
2022 €1,497,875 €1,497,875
2023 1H €8,868,543 €8,868,543


Electronic Money Institutions are not required to provide public attestations of safeguarded assets. Nevertheless we are preparing to make regular public attestations of safeguarded funds as our issuance increases.

How we safeguard

We safeguard our users’ funds in segregated accounts with the following institutions:

Our policy is to hold only as much in bank deposits as we need to meet anticipated redemptions.

For the EURe, we safeguard the bulk of users’ funds in the AAA rated State Street EUR Liquidity LVNAV Fund which holds a diversified portfolio of short duration assets.