Monerium issues onchain fiat as infrastructure for web3 builders.

The Monerium EURe is the first fully authorized and regulated euro stablecoin. It's the only onchain fiat directly transferable between bank accounts and web3 wallets. Available on Ethereum, Gnosis, and Polygon, and transferable crosschain, the EURe is self-sovereign and secure. Monerium also issues GBPe and USDe, the first authorized onchain sterling and dollar, respectively.

Important Dates

  • Nov, 2015

    Monerium founded

  • May, 2016

    Completes report "Blockchains and the Future of Finance

  • Jan, 2017

    Starts designing tech stack and preparing e-money license application

  • Apr, 2018

    Application submitted

    Monerium submits application to become an authorized and regulated issuer of e-money on blockchains under the European electronic money regulations

  • Dec, 2018

    Seed round

    Closes a seed funding round led by Crowberry Capital and with participation from ConsenSys

  • May, 2019
  • Jul, 2019

    Monerium issues the world’s first authorized fiat stablecoin on a public blockchain – the Icelandic krona as ISKe on Ethereum

  • Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

    Beta trials

    Conducts closed beta trials of multi-currency, cross-border transactions of tokenized assets onchain using the Monerium EURe, GBPe, USDe, and ISKe

  • Jan, 2020

    Passporting completed

    Monerium completes the passporting of the e-money license across Europe

  • May, 2020

    Beta trials

    Presents Programmable Money and the Future of the Enterprise at Consensus with Tradeshift

  • Mar, 2021

    Web3 trials

    Starts trials of web3 IBANs, minting euros directly from bank accounts to Ethereum and redeeming straight back

  • Aug, 2021

    Closes funding led by Taavet + Sten

  • Jul, 2022

    The Euro on Ethereum in 30 seconds

    EURe launches as the first fiat stablecoin fully transferable between bank accounts and web3 wallets

  • Mar, 2023

    EURe launches on Gnosis Chain

  • Jul, 2023

    A customer uses EURe to pay tax in the Netherlands

  • Jul, 2023

    €100 million

    EURe reaches 100 million in on-chain volume


  • Jul, 2023

    Gnosis Pay announcement

    Gnosis Pay launches Visa payment card powered by EURe

  • Jul, 2023

    Safe{Core} SDK kit

    Safe announces integration of EURe into Safe{Core} SDK kit