Our mission is to improve choice and increase stability in finance.

What we do

Monerium provides money for Web3.

We issue the EURe euro token and provide IBANs for Web3 wallets & smart contracts.

The EURe is

  • the first authorized euro token on-chain,
  • the only euro token Integrated with SEPA which means the EURe can be exchanged directly, at par, with euros in bank accounts, and
  • compatible with the Market in Crypto-Assets regulations.

With a Monerium IBAN you can

  • send euros directly between bank accounts and Web3 wallets & smart contracts.

Your money, in your wallet.

The EURe is the ultimate stablecoin, issued under European e-money rules. Legally it’s your money which we safeguard. You can use it however you want in Web3, the open and decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchains.

Our roadmap

Starting with the euro in Europe, our goal is to become the leading provider of money for Web3.

Our culture

We are product-focused engineers who build to empower other users and builders.