Sveinn Valfells / Sep 08, 2020


2 min read

An accessible expert summary of the Ethereum protocol

In his recent blog “Understanding Ethereum by studying the source code”, Monerium CTO Gísli Kristjánsson describes the Ethereum protocol as expressed in the golang geth client.

Gísli participated in the Ethereum pre-sale and has followed its evolution closely from launch. He is also the principal author of Monerium’s e-money smart contract on Ethereum first published in 2017.

Geth is the most popular Ethereum client and a natural starting point for understanding the world’s second most popular blockchain and arguably, along with Bitcoin, the most impactful one.

Starting with the basic Account data structure, Gísli leads the reader through all the core concepts of Ethereum, weaving the protocol economics into the narrative alongside a description of key elements of the code. It’s a tour-de-force of technical writing in the clear and concise style of Kernighan and Ritchie or Donovan and Kernighan.

Featured on Ethan Van Ness’s Week In Ethereum News, Gísli’s blog is an accessible expert summary of the Ethereum protocol for both starting and experienced Ethereum programmers which also serves as an invaluable guide for technically literate users and entrepreneurs. Enjoy!