Monerium / Mar 27, 2023


1 min read

How the Monerium EURe is decentralized

The Monerium EURe is the most decentralized form of fiat currency that exists.

Decentralized from bank deposits

The EURe is overcollateralized digital cash which is legally your money, not a bank deposit.

Decentralized from payment service providers

The EURe can be transferred peer-to-peer on blockchain without going through a payment service provider.

Decentralized from proprietary apps

You can hold the EURe in any wallet or smart contract.

Decentralized from exchanges

You can mint the EURe straight from your bank account and transfer it right back without going through a CEX.

Available on multiple blockchains

The Monerium EURe is available on Ethereum, Gnosis, and Polygon. We will add more chains based on demand.

Your money, in your wallet, on your chain. No compromises.