Fee schedule

Welcome, early adopters, and thank you for trying our services!

Our services are free

Currently, Monerium is not charging any fees. That includes:

  • One IBAN per customer
  • SEPA transfers fees between bank accounts and user Web3 wallets
  • Transaction fees for minting and burning EURe e-money tokens
  • Access to the Monerium API for developers and technical support

We may start charging for our services at a future date. If we do, we’ll promise to give you good notice and competitive prices.

How does Monerium make money?

Monerium is authorized and regulated as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) under the European electronic money directive. Issuing authorized and regulated e-money tokens, like the EURe, provides legal clarity and a secure way to store user funds.

Monerium e-money tokens are:

  • Officially approved legal form of digital cash, i.e., e-money
  • Priority claims on safeguarded assets held in segregated accounts
  • Overcollateralized 102%
  • Safeguarded in short, high-quality, and liquid assets (sovereign or corporate bonds) or with banks
  • Redeemable on demand
  • Compatible with the Market in Crypto-Assets regulations

EMIs can only safeguard user funds. Unlike banks, Monerium cannot make loans. Under the Electronic Money Directive, Monerium is prohibited from paying customers interest. The investment income generated from the safeguarded assets constitute revenue for Monerium.