Sveinn Valfells / Jul 05, 2022


2 min read

The incredible streaming euro

Streaming payments using EURe and Superfluid Finance

The Superfluid streaming payments application is one of the most innovative and novel use cases in #DeFi.

Superfluid allows users to set up streams of continuous, real-time crypto-asset payments.

Imagine for example paying for consumer services like Spotify or Netflix on a streaming basis or for access to a congested road or parking spot in an urban area. That’s just a few obvious examples, and the market will surely discover many more.

In this demo video I show you how to stream euros using the Monerium euro token, EURe. Just let that settle in. Real time streaming payments of the world’s 2nd most traded currency. From one wallet to another. On the internet.

For this demo, I have chosen the Polygon Mainnet for speed and low transaction costs, each transaction only takes a few seconds and costs a fraction of a cent.

This is a short and simple demonstration of how to stream the euro on Superfluid, and I firmly believe that it only gives a tiny hint of the numerous applications of streaming payments to come.

A fountain of superfluid Helium.

One last note.

As a physicist who has conducted experiments in the milli-Kelvin range, I can attest to the fact that the Superfluid DeFi application has some of the same key properties of real superfluids: it moves without friction across barriers, and it is super-cool!