Monerium / Jun 29, 2023


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How to pay your taxes with the EURe

You heard it here first. One of our users just paid their taxes with Monerium.

“I’m in the process of having to pay taxes, which needs to be a SEPA transfer with memo, and I just received confirmation from the tax auth that one of the smaller ones was successfully processed!”

Monerium Customer

The EURe is a euro for the digital age. Because the EURe is a fully authorized and regulated euro on-chain, it is legal tender. You can use it just as you would normal currency and even pay your debts with it – including your taxes!

Last week the Monerium user mentioned above sent EURe straight from their wallet on-chain to the Dutch tax authority’s bank account and included a reference string in the memo field. The payment showed up on their next statement. ✅ Tax payment done.

This user story is just one among many that prove the power of the EURe, the first authorized and regulated fiat currency on-chain.

The EURe is

  • Easy to use - send and receive euros between any bank account and web3 wallet
  • Authorized and regulated legal tender.
  • Widely available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Gnosis

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