2021 Feb 22


Gisli starts at 1:26:36

STHLM TECH Meetup is Europe’s largest gathering of startups each month.

Well, 2021 is off to a crazy start. As you no doubt heard, a Reddit group challenged Wall Street and won, but not without some casualties. Where does it go from here?… We have the perfect expert to answer…

After working for the CIA, NASA and Goldman Sachs, Bill Barhydt joined Netscape working on telecom and Internet banking deals, mostly in Europe. After the AOL acquisition of Netscape, Bill founded WebSentric. Currently, he is the Founder of Abra, a leading crypto-currency investment platform.

Also joining is J12 Ventures, which focuses on early-stage Nordic startups and already backing some hot Stockholm startups like Karma and Qasa.

Join us Feb 22 to discuss what’s happening in startups, investing, and all things tech