Monerium is founded by four repeat entrepreneurs with experience which ranges from central banking to global web services. We believe all assets will be tokenized and transacted online which is why we are issuing digital fiat currency on blockchains.

Agnes Jóhannesdóttir

Senior engineer

Alex Necsoiu

Senior engineer

Senior back end developer with several years of experience in back end and blockchain technologies. Previously on charge of the back end in Shasta Technologies, and into the blockchain research department at Accenture Liquid Studio.

Árni Guðjónsson

Senior engineer

Senior designer and developer in web and mobile applications at Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, National Oilwell Varco, Kapital. B.Sc. comp sci (U of Iceland).

Eggert Gíslason


Compliance functions at Borgun international card acquiring and Actavis global quality pharmaceuticals. B.A. Philosophy and M.A. International Relations (U of Iceland).

Gísli Kristjánsson

Co-founder & CTO

Gísli holds a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the University of Iceland and is a certified securities broker. He started his career as a programmer and later worked as a business intelligence consultant and bond broker. In 2011, Gísli co-founded Appvise, a software company which offers smart DNS services in over 100 countries. Gísli discovered Bitcoin in 2013 while serving as CTO of Appvise. Gísli participated in the Ethereum Initial Coin Offering and has explained blockchains to business and technical audiences at industry conferences.

Hjörtur Hjartarson

Co-founder & COO

Hjörtur graduated from the Commercial College of Iceland and co-founded Kapital, an advertisement agency and a software company where he served for ten years as head of design and in management roles. In 2011, Hjörtur co-founded Appvise with Gísli, where he has served as head of design and operations. Together with Gísli, Hjörtur participated in the Ethereum Initial Coin Offering.

Jón Helgi Egilsson


Jón Gunnar Ólafsson


Associate (securities law and license applications), Lagahvoll. Mag. jur. (U of Iceland).

Margus Kerma

Senior engineer

Simon Ibars

Senior engineer

Sveinn Valfells


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