Effective March 7, 2019

Complaint Policy

1. Purpose

1.1 This Policy is established in accordance with Art. 23(1) of law No. 17/2013, on the issuance and handling of electronic money.

1.2 The purpose of this Policy is to promote prompt, effective and fair handling of customer complaints.

1.3 A complaint must be objectively based, according to Monerium, in order to be considered.

1.4 The objective of this Policy is to promote reasonable and sound practices within Monerium and to promote a stable and credible financial market.

2. Definitions

2.1 A customer is an individual or legal entity which has entered into a business relationship with Monerium.

2.2 A complaint is any comment towards the company from customers regarding e.g. dissatisfaction with Monerium service, handling of cases or how the business relationship has been conducted.

3. Complaint submission

3.1 You can submit a complaint via our help desk.

4. Customer confidential requirement

4.1 Monerium shall conduct its business in an honest and true manner. Business shall be handled diligently and in a professional manner with the customers’ interests and the credibility of the financial market at the forefront.

4.2 It shall be ensured that customers are given necessary information regarding the business relationship during and after it terminates in accordance with law and regulations.

4.3 Relevant information about the service and products we provide e.g. total costs, shall be provided in a clear and understandable manner, beforehand and during the business relationship. More detailed information shall be provided if requested.

4.4 It shall be ensured that information about our service and products are not misleading or deceptive.

4.5 If Monerium intends to provide consulting it shall be provided in a clear and in an understandable manner with the customer interests at the forefront.

4.6 Customers shall not be pressured in order to affect their decisions.

4.7 Monerium shall, as far as possible, reduce conflict of interest.

4.8 Policies, procedures, and execution shall not hinder or in an unreasonable manner block customer access to Monerium service.

5. Handling of complaints

5.1 It shall be ensured that complaints receive swift, effective, and fair handling.

5.2 Upon receiving a complaint, Monerium will acknowledge the matter and provide information regarding our handling.

5.3 Response to a complaint shall be provided within four weeks. If it’s not possible to respond within that time limit the complainant shall be informed of the delay, the reason for the delay, and when he/she can anticipate a response.

5.4 All information and data on the complaint shall be gathered and assessed objectively.

5.5 Information shall be provided in a clear and understandable manner.

5.6 If the complaint is not taken into consideration, Monerium stance shall be reasoned in writing.

5.7 The complainant shall be informed of his legal remedies if he deems that the handling of the complaint was not sufficient.

6. Vague complaints

6.1 Monerium will request further information from the complainant if the complaint is vague.

7. Publication

7.1 This policy shall be available on Monerium website along with further information regarding the handling of complaints. Clear information shall be provided on how to submit a complaint.

8. Legal remedies

8.1 Monerium shall provide information on legal remedies available to customers if disputes arise.

8.2 Customers are able to submit an appeal and seek a ruling with the Complaints Committee on Transactions with Financial Firms according to Art. 42(2) of law No. 17/2013, on the issuance and handling of electronic money.

8.3 It shall be stressed that Committee rulings do not prevent subsequent handling of a case by a court of law.

9. Complaint register

9.1 Monerium will retain information on complaints and their handling for five years from the day of submission.

9.2 The following data and information will be retained.

  • Complaint content and type.
  • Date of the complaint.
  • Data accompanying the complaint.
  • Date of Monerium response.
  • Monerium conclusion or stance to the complaint.